Less than 150 grams, more than 30 years of Made in Italy and a unique style handcrafted for all day wear: everything in one single shoe.

Pas de Rouge originates from the idea of replicating the authentic footwear manufacturing process of “sacchetto” (slip lasting), an all italian footwear tradition with a feminine, fresh and contemporary design.

Two parts stitched together by the passion for beauty and the desire for a real experience of comfort. The result is a shoe that seduces the eye and enchants the foot, perfect to wear with elegant lightness all day long.

“Pas de Rouge shoes are
lightweight and beautiful:
this is the proof that
you don’t need to suffer
to be fashionable.”

The heart of the manufacturing process is the preparation of the sacchetto (slip lasting): after being perfectly shaped, the lining and the insole are sewn one by one to the upper, so to create a sack.

As when making a tailor-made suit, the different layers are stretched and accompanied during the whole sewing phase, so as to create an elastic synergy giving shape and structure to the shoe. This is the secret of a fit that supports and welcomes the foot step by step.

A shoe that is lightened from all stiff parts and every detail is designed to make it even softer and flexible.

Every Pas de Rouge is created combining more than sixty elements.

An original ensemble where the of classic shoemaking such as the lining, the quarter, the fabric reinforcements, the insole and the upper, cohabit with the latest generation high tech materials.

All of this and a lot more is Pas de Rouge.

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