Flat shoes and booties Pas de Rouge

Flat shoes and booties for winter outfits

The Flat Shoes Pas de Rouge

We all agree that the heel is trendy but flat shoes and booties are, without any doubt, the most versatile styles for the winter outfits. They have that extra touch of class that is hard not to fall in love with.

If you add to the fashion trends the distinctive slip-lasting manufacture of Pas de Rouge that gives lightness, flexibility and the best comfort possible, you can easily understand why the flat styles are a massive hit.

Flat Shoes & Trousers

You can wear a flat with classy trousers, casual pants, skirts or more elegant dresses. As you can likely see in our first outfit where the choice to match the pinstripe suit with double-breasted jacket with our bow-adorned blue flat pump (available also in black and burgundy suede) will help you to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore it will make clear to those who have not yet understood how strong, special and independent you are.

The second proposal of our list continues in the sign of the pairing between flat shoes and trousers. The blazer studded with diamonds and the men’s cut trousers on the tones of the light turtledove match the light and fancy lace-ups whose trichrome of colors, bronze, dove-grey and black makes them classy but at the same time modern.

Flat Shoes & Skirts

As said before, flats can be also matched perfectly with a long or short skirt. Would you dare with brighter colours and materials? Have a look a tour third suggestion. The precious tones of gold and bronze come together with the black to make the outfit ideal for your evenings. The black blazer embellished with silver collar matches perfectly with the shiny black shirt and the golden skirt, everything is tastefully combined with these flat booties made in laminated leather with black suede toe cap and heel.

Are you looking for a more sober and adaptable look? Suitable not only for your free time but nice also for the office? This flat bootie in burgundy suede (available also in black suede) it’s tastefully matched with burgundy knee-length skirt and tartan blazer, a pattern that never goes out of fashion.

Fee too choose comfort and lightness

Here’s a a range of suggestions and inspirations from which to start or draw to match Pas de Rouge creations. No matter for what occasion, formal or casual, for your free time or work, our shoes can be combined at your pleasure.

Feel free to choose, always, what makes you feel nice and comfortable with yourself. Pas de Rouge can assist and follow you every day and all day long if you want. Let yourself be enchanted by our lightness and concede yourself a little cuddle all for you. You deserve it!

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