Heels’ booties: a sweet fashion obsession for the fall season

Pas de Rouge Heel's Booties

Comfort is under your feet

If there are few certainties, you can not say the same about heels’ booties for sure as they are a reconfirmation and a sweet fashion obsession for the current fall season.

Looking for the right bootie is a real “mission” of every fall season and do not say that it is not so!

The ankle boots give you the chance to stand out without suffering for the hours spent having stood. They are the wildcard for an official or a relaxed and casual look.

A trendy bootie features large and structured heels no matter the shape, and the real must have for the season are the heels heights going from 4 cm to 6 cm.

And what can you guess from these features? That the comfort is actually under your feet.

These heights are the perfect choice to not strain legs and back and the large base gives a safe and stable support; exactly the distinctive features of Pas de Rouge. Combine these features with our slip-lasting manufacture so lightness and flexibility are guaranteed.

It is also undeniable that this kind of bootie has a longer life compared to other categories of shoes and his wearing season can surely get longer beyond the beginning of spring; wear it with a light and shorter sock and it’s done.

Our Ankle Boot Looks

As in the best Pas de Rouge tradition comfort meets glamour and vivid colors alternate with darker ones. Not to mention the details like metalized colours, the soft and laminated leathers, studs, clamps and bows.

Colorful ankle boots must be dared to give a touch of light without saturate too much your look, just as in our proposals.

The first look: metalized leather booties

Here the outfit’s brown shades mixed with the metalized colours of the bootie help the our model to feel fancy and so sure of her femininity to hazard an elegant and sober leopard texture. A mix and match between classic elegance and modern allure, ideal to be combined with a classic and clean boot full of personality.

The second look: suede booties


In our second style proposal we matched the lucid tartan texture of the suit, dampened by the combination with a long fur in neutral colour with our suede booties enhanced by the antiqued brass buckle

The third look: pointed toe ankle boot

Last but not least this beautiful pointed toe ankle boot in soft black suede with knitted elastics on the sides and enriched by little metal studs giving it a discrete shiny touch. Always featured with a structured cone-shaped heel. Perfect to be worn with a short dress or if you prefer with a casual and comfortable pair of jeans.

No compromises! With our creations feel free to be who you really are.

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