Made in Italy Women’s shoes: fall winter collection

Your everyday companions, your shoes tell a lot about you. They define your personality, your style and your standing among the others, the way you walk…

So – what do you think is better for you, to choose a brand you don’t know that much or to wear a piece of craftsmanship such as Made in Italy women shoes are?

Made in Italy Women’s shoes: choosing excellence

We really can’t talk about style, class and elegance without mentioning Made in Italy. Three words – “Made in Italy” – enriching everything they are related to, as they represent the heritage of centuries of artisanal culture and excellence.

When it comes to a fundamental piece of clothing like shoes, the quality of the design and the manufacturing are key. You “see” a Made in Italy shoe when you’re holding it and you “feel” it when you wear it.

Let’s see some wonderful women’s Italian shoes from the FW collection.

Fall Winter Made in Italy women shoes

As always, Pas De Rouge creations are conceived keeping all of the small aspects of a woman’s everyday life in mind. Every moment she lives holds a chance to discover something more about herself, throughout the whole day.

Some example? Let’s start from a classic Pas De Rouge piece: women’s loafers.

Made in Italy women’s loafers: not only classics

FW collection features “revamped” women’s loafers with a silver border that makes them fresh and extremely modern when paired with skinny jeans, but that are also perfect for a most formal attire or for the office. Not bad, right?

Not forgetting classic, polished, timeless models…

Beautiful, wonderful: Made in Italy ankle boots

From classic and chic to colourful and stylish: Made in Italy ankle boots are irresistible this year.

Suede is still a must, but Pas De Rouge also goes for bright, metallic shades. How wonderful are this pewter ankle boots, with their round tip and the decorated heel?

And what about the most renown creations of this brand, the multicolour ones? We have them too!And – as always – they’re gorgeous.

Let’s be honest: is there anything better of these Made in Italy ankle boots this autumn?

Bikers boots and sneakers

What will we wear when temperatures get lower? Once more, Pas De Rouge gives a new twist to a winter must-have: woman’s bikers. It may seem the “top of casual” – and it actually is! Matched with a nice denim, they are the perfect choice for a stroll downtown.

But what about pairing them with leggings and a leather jacket, for a glam rock and feminine attire? Or with a skirt, either long or short…

And again: fancy a couple of light and colourful Made in Italy sneakers, perfect with every outfit? They are another must-have.

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