Moccasin, a classic chic item that you need in your wardrobe

Moccasin, a classic chic item that you need in your wardrobe

Discover “vivid summer”: the new spring/summer collection by Pas de Rouge

Magazines, posts, stories and mood boards are all of the same advise: the footwear’s trend is based on timeless models and designs but at the same time reimagined in a dynamic, functional and contemporary key, able to make chic every outfit, even the simple ones.

And which are those “magic” shoes? The Moccasins of course! The real must have for every fashion addicted. Each wardrobe should hide at least one pair, but we are sure that once you have tried our models you all want be able to get rid of them.

Pas de Rouge has always made the moccasin one of their leading models in each collection, not only for the fall season in fact.

The real novelty is given by making it an item that can enhance any spring look, making it fresh, never trivial and with a mix of parisienne allure and british touch that can offer a contemporary twist ideal to match countless combinations.

To manufacture a shoe that is soft, light and enveloping, the secrets of the best artisans are essential. That’s why in our factory we realize, with the utmost care, models characterized by the passion for the details, from the stitchings to the welt, that make perfect all our creations.

What really distinguishes Pas de Rouge is the dual register on which we constantly move to create shoes that has made craftsmanship our strong point without ever neglecting the research for the beauty. The result are shoes of great quality with an incomparable comfort and a unique style that does not go unnoticed.

Also for this S/S 2020, our style department has created a concept of great trend: it’s born “Vivid Summer”, an explosion of energy, colors and light borrowed by the summer to offer new verve to the most traditional styles. First of the list are the moccasins, declined with nuances and details that will make you love them.

The predominant palette for our spring moccasins is declined over the shades from the white to the sand. Colors that evoke instantly long and wild beaches and the blinding reflections of the sun on the waves of the sea whose shades have inspired our choices for the darker colors: from the blu ocean to the denim, a welcome return in every fashion collection.

Black couldn’t miss it. As always it’s the most chic non-color existing, even for the summer. Beautiful when it contrasts the golden skin bronzed by the sun: declined from the classic shiny plain leather to the suede to the patent, it will be perfect to be combined with your outfits.

And for those who really want to dare? We also create a moccasin in a shiny laminated leather that with its changing reflections, it will make you dream adventures trough desert landscapes and why not, even to the moon!

Not only the colors are the protagonists of our loafers, the leather inserts become distinctive elements with accents going from beige to gold. They are able to give an extra touch, essential to make your daily outfits shine and stand out. Because you know, the difference is in the details!

Talking about details, the extra-light rubber sole could not miss: light, durable and soft. The perfect allied to give comfort to the foot even during the warmer days.

Do you love the moccasin but you don’t know how to match them? 

There is no limit to fantasy when it comes to moccasin, therefore get creative, be bold! You will always be perfect. It can be in fact a more “rock” option to the flats or a complement to your formal look for the office. Combined it with a straight-cut trouser, but also as a counterpoint to more fanciful and feminine outfits and combinations.

Try our penny loafers in soft patent leather with a pleated skirt, a pencil or a midi one or even with a light and soft silk dress. If you don’t disdain suits, moccasins are really the right choice: chic and refined, they are able to exalt your femininity when matched with suits, double-breasted jackets and cigarette pants. Combine them in the different types of black materials and it’s done!

Otherwise you can surely match our perforated suede moccasin with a cropped jeans, a t-shirt or a nice shirt. Match it with a deconstructed trench coat or a jacket, your tote bag and you will be perfect all day long: a casual and sporty look, sophisticated and polished at the same time.

Still doubtful? Have a look at our outfits taken from the choices of our stylists and photographers during the campaign Vivid Summer 2020.

Let’s start with our mix and match: elegant and casual, always trendy in every blog and magazine. Simple and versatile, just a white jacket with satin reverses, ideal for day and night, to be matched with a daily chic pant to create an evergreen outfit suitable for many occasions.If you add our white moccasin refined with the leather welt, also the most traditional design can become a sophisticated style icon.

If you want, instead, to dare with a smoking or a male suit? It’s easily done!

These clothes are by now a must-have for every season, reinterpreted with new cuts, contemporary designs, new chromaticisms and materials. We have chosen a stylish tricolor: beige, black and white declined in soft materials like linen and cotton, that donates elegance and freshness to the moccasin; an object that can make every look feminine like a pump does.

Classic, chic and feminine just like Pas de Rouge

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