Shippings are slower but still working!

Shippings are still working!

Buy in pre-order with confidence

These are hard and challenging times all over the world. Italy has been affected before other countries and now all our prayers and hopes are for those people in sufferance.

Many companies like our are doing all the best to stay alive and to provide you the best online service possible. Without you, our clients, we can not survive.

That's why we decide to keep talking with you about our work and our creations through our social media pages, our magazine or our newsletter. We do not forget what's happening, but we believe we all still need for some positivity, connections and hopes.

Thinking about a new outfit or living the spring through pictures and posts are little things surely, we know it, but it can make our days a little bit easier and less sad and help us to imagine a brighter future.

By now government measures limited our work, but you can easily keep buying our creations. Just be a little bit more patient regarding the delivery timing.

Be safe and healthy. Stay strong and make plans, big plans. We will go back on the streets

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