Suede shoes: the chic choice for the summer 2020

Suede shoes: the chic choice for the summer 2020

Who said that suede is an exclusive winter material? Thanks to the selection of the best leathers and a careful craftsmanship, Pas de Rouge suede shoes are resistant, fresh and breathable: perfect for the summer days! The lightness of the leather will caress your feet with elegance, allowing you to look sophisticated without suffering.

How to take care of your suede shoes

Of course the suede suffers more than others the contact with the water, but there are very effective solutions to wear your shoes and protect them to the best. In particular, we recommend that you treat the suede footwear with a waterproofing spray, keeping it about 25-30 cm away from the shoe (for safety, before spraying it on the entire shoe, do a test on a small piece of leather). Repeat this operation periodically, after removing the dust from the leather with a soft and thin bristle brush. Even in the case of stains you do not have to worry: do a first test with a common eraser to be erased and, if it does not go well, immerse a nail brush in warm water and (little) mild soap and rub gently.

All the suede shoes for your summer

In our Spring/Summer collection suede shoes are a leading trend: from the moccasins to the sandals, going through slippers, slingbacks and pump. Do not miss them!

Flat shoes in suede

The harmony of this model of summer flats is enhanced by the encounter between suede and patent leather in the large petal that decorates the shoe. One of the best-selling items for this season, appreciated by customers of all ages for great versatility and comfort.

Slingback in suede

Let’s start with a creation that embodies all the positivity of days at sea: the slingback in gold-yellow suede. A model that never goes out of fashion thanks to the harmonious and essential design. Pointed toe, rounded neckline and back elastic are the main features, enhanced by a warm and trendy color, made even more expressive by the softness of the suede. You can really match them to anything you want, from a white trousers, jeans to a light dress, to give the right touch of sunshine to your outfits. The same model is also available in red and black suede.

For the lovers of the blue we have a model in the shade of prussian blue, enriched by the golden accessory at the tip, perfect for a sober and elegant style. Suitable for your working days and the free time.

And now a great classic: the slingback pumps with ankle strap. The suede leather adds a further aura of elegance, making almost powder the nude and giving softness to the total-black. The slightly trimmed toe makes each foot graceful, with the guarantee of softness Pas de Rouge.

Spring moccasin in soft suede

Nude, blue, sand or black, whatever the predominant color in your wardrobe is, you will have no problem finding the moccasin that matches perfectly with your style. Let’s start with this classic and at the same time, tremendously modern moccasin model. The inserts and the visible seams give brightness and freshness, while the metallic profiles and the welt give a chic and contemporary touch. Femininity is enhanced at every step, also thanks to the extra light rubber sole that adds comfort and lightness to a model already champion of comfort. The same model is available in the summer shades of sand and gold.

Let’s move on to the color of the sea with this moccasin with visible stitching and lining in the exclusive coral color Pas de Rouge. More sporty than the previous one, it offers as much versatility and comfort. If you are not blue lovers you can choose the nude version.

The suede sandals

Sandals are one of the millions, beautiful things of the summer, do you agree? We chose the suede leather mainly for the evening models, but there are also several ones that can be used safely even when the sun is shining.

Here is one of the most innovative models of the summer collection, thanks to an attractive design and the oriental references. Super soft suede and back strap, made in the passepartout colors black, ash grey and beige is a small jewel of Made in Italy. The 5 cm heel is a cure-all for the health of the back and circulation and makes it a perfect sandal to wear all day.

We end this roundup with an elegant and chic suede model: the black sandal with comfortable square heel and ankle strap. The antique gold chain does not go unnoticed, even in its discreet elegance. A model to have in the shoe rack for any eventuality.

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