The slip-lasting manufacture: when the opposites meet

High heels hard to wear or low and comforting? A penny for your thoughts! Pas de Rouge has created a third way for the women shoes. We thought about the women not to force you to choose between one or the other.

Every Pas de Rouge is created combining at least 60 pieces. An original ensemble where the elements of classic shoemaking coexist with the latest generation of high tech materials. Special high density rubber outsoles have the capacity to soften the vibrations meanwhile the heels made with innovative materials ensure the highest lightness and resistance.

The heart of the manufacturing process is the preparation of sacchetto (slip-lasting): after being carefully cut and perfectly shaped, the lining and the insole are sewn one by one to the upper, so to create a sack. As when making a tailor-made suit, the different layers are stretched and accompanied during the whole sewing phase.

This results in a flexible architecture that underlines the hides’ natural qualities of softness and resistance. This is the secret of a fit that supports and welcomes the foot step after step. Pas de Rouge shoes are lightned from all stiff parts and every detail is studied and designed for the wellbeing of the wearer.

The result is a shoes that seduces the eye and enchants the foot, thanks to its elegant lightness, no matter the heel’s height. The opposites meet and women thank.

lavorazione a sacchetto

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