Women loafers for Fall/Winter 2020

Women loafers for the Fall/Winter 2020 season

The moccasins styles not to be missed

Loafers were the main protagonists of the catwalks for fall/winter 20-21. Worn with jumpsuites or clothes, they have seen a great revival and they have been cleared even for young or very young.

In the "Autumn Mood" Pas de Rouge collection you will find timeless penny loafer for women, loafers with clamps or more innovative models, declined in many different leathers and prints, in a wise balance of technical and stylistic solutions to ensure maximum practicality and fit. The upper and the lining are stitched together to have soft, light and dureable shoes.

Outfit con mocassini

Women loafers with clamps

The origin of the loafers with clamp dates back to the early '50s, when the famous fashion house Gucci decided to enter the world of footwear with this innovative model, with the tip decorated with a metal "bite" inspired by the horse riding’s world. The success was so overwhelming, that even today it is a shoe symbol of elegance.

Loafers with clamps

Among the models of loafers with clamp find ample space those with lug sole. They are the right choice to face the bad weather and the cold season with perfectly dry and warm feet. In addition to the functional reason, the important sole volume gives these models a more gritty and casual look, making them suitable for your everyday outfits, without forgetting the comfort of fit.

From black to lead to burgundy going through the most whimsical models like the Marta in crocodile-effect leather, a wide variety of shades and leathers awaits you on our e-shop.

Mocassini con morsetto

Flat moccasins

New to the 2020 collection are the Cherry loafers, a feminine reinterpretation of the classic loafer, with a shape and a grace that are very reminiscent of a classic low heel décolleté.

A refined and transversal style that allows a great freedom of combination, from jeans for the day, from the dress to the formal trousers for the evening. The ultra-light rubber sole ensures unmatched portability, adding comfort to the comfort of the handcrafted slip-lasting processing.

Mocassini Cherry

Women penny loafers

To recognize the original penny loafer just look at the shape, similar to a mouth on the front of the shoe. The origin seems to date back to the end of '800, when the American industrialist G.H. Bass, inspired by his wife Alice, who was used to kiss her beloved shoes, decided to reproduce the shape of his lips on the mask.

The visible stitching with contrasting color are one of the characteristics of our penny loafer, versatile footwears that never go out of fashion.

In the suede version they are available in night blue and black, with coral stitching. The velvety look of the leather has its counterpart in the enveloping structure, handmade by our craftsmen. Those who prefer smooth or patent leather can opt for our great classic. A timeless style that returns year after year with the same elegance as always.

Penny loafer da donna

Loafers made in leather

In addition to the loafers already presented, all characterized by the use of the best leather and our Made in Italy craftmanship, the winter collection has seen the arrival of two models out of the ordinary.

Daria loafer in leather

With just 220 grams of weight and the light rubber sole, Daria stands in the middle between a moccasin and a slip-on. The shape of the slightly elongated almond toe and the leather-covered heel make it a glamorous and delicate shoe, perfect for those who love a bon-ton style. But be careful, their extreme comfort creates addiction: once tried you will not want to wear anything else.

Mocassino Daria in pelle

Animalier moccasins

A fashion style with a great personality is our exclusive Marta moccasin. Inspired by the great classics and adding a whimsical and innovative touch, we have enriched the moccasin with inserts and details in laminated bronze leather which enhance the animalier print and give light to the whole. A distinctive look that can become the protagonist of your outfits, or blend discreetly with your style choices. We paired them with a palazzo jeans, a chiffon blouse, blue white polka dots and a mini suede suede. Complete the whole a short lurex green forest sock.

Mocassini leopardati

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